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Welcome to Past Life Regression (PLR) – please look through the descriptions and details below, if you have any questions, please contact me!

It’s a fascinating area, both from a general interest point of view and a technique that can also be used therapeutically to help clients move on from old fears/beliefs or find out where there is such an attraction.  I also teach PLR to student hypnotherapists.

As a registered, qualified and experienced PLR therapist with the Past Life Regression Therapists Association, it’s an area of my work that I find completely fascinating.   It can be activated completely naturally, having strong feelings for a place, person or event that causes a person to react, I’ve had people experience PLR during normal hypnotherapy session, when I’ve asked them to go back to where the issues started.

This is a regular and normal processes and question in therapy, and some clients have found themselves in a different place or experience. Therapeutically it’s helpful, whatever you make of the source of the data found, as the effects can be addressed and turned off (or turned up if it’s positive).

Of course, there are many theories regarding past lives, one is that it’s metaphorical, made up just to help us. Another is that we do have past lives, or maybe we share in the universal memory bank.   It really is up to you to decide what it does or doesn’t mean to you.


Here are some of the many areas I’ve worked on with clients: 

Why do I have such a strong desire to write?

Is there such a thing as past life and have I had one?

Why do I have nightmares about a certain airplane what feels like it’s a long way back in the past,  before I was born in this life ?

Why do I need to go back to a certain place with such a strong connection that isn’t anything like

I’ve been used to in this lifetime?

Why do I hate going on any boat?

Why d I have a strong need to go to the South West of the USA

Have I been a warrior before?

Finding connections between a certain time and breathing difficulties

Have I had a previous life with someone I don’t get on with in this life?

Have I had a life with someone I am attracted to in this life?


So if you’d like to know who you’ve been before, where you’ve been before and who with maybe you’d like to organise a PLR therapy session?  Contact me if you’d like to know more! 



























Recommended Reading 

Maybe before committing to a PLR session, you’d like to read about PLR – here’s some recommended reading:

Dr Brian Weiss’s books are excellent,  I’d recommend you start with “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr Weiss.  In his books he covers his experiences and subsequent knowledge of past life.


Below is an outline from the Past Life Regression Therapists Association:

“PLR is a highly specialised are and should not be attempted by anyone other than a trained PLR therapist. I am registered as a PLR therapist with the Past Life Regression Therapists Association. PLR is a technique which will take an individual back through time to their previous lives accessing normally hidden memories in the subconscious mind.

It needs a trained therapist to lead you and employs the use of hypnosis along with visualisation processes similar to those used in some forms of mediation (which are easily learned). Sometimes certain times of the year and certain events can trigger a memory, quite naturally and automatically. It can be shown via a more pronounced reaction to a place/person/event which seemingly has no or little connection to the current time.   It can be a strong feeling of positiveness and connection.”


Please be aware that not everyone can access their old history. 



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