Sports Mind Coaching

With any sport, you have got all the techniques organised, practiced even to the point of muscle memory, however is there something that’s stopping you from progressing, or do you want better performance/confidence?

You know all there is to know about your sport – using mind coaching and clinical hypnotherapy you could review at what’s stopping you progressing, work on the area and move on positively.

After all, you’ve invested all that money on equipment and learnt the tactics/how to play, you may have even invested in coaches and instructors.

So now you can contact Louise for more information about working on those areas that make you experience some “mind over matter” difficulties and mind based trip-ups.

Client Story & feedback

I worked with Louise of Vale Hypnotherapy to give my golf game more consistency and improve my putting, using mind coaching and clinical hypnotherapy techniques.

This was done over 2 sessions.  During the sessions I felt relaxed and in control at all times.

A fellow golfer recommended Louise to me.

I found Louise to be friendly, approachable and highly professional.

I am delighted with the results and my confidence in my game has been restored.

I am happy to recommend Louise and mind coaching/clinical hypnotherapy.

Examples – Golf and Horseriding

Below are two examples of sports mind coaching, one is golf and the other is horseriding .

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Sports Performance – GOLF

  • Just how frustrating can golf make you?
  • That length golf putt that you just can’t hole
  • That golf chip and putt, that drive
  • Those obstacles in your way – stopping you from enjoying your game of golf further!

There are those physical obstacles and the psychological ones – is one ruling the golfing roost at the moment?

You may call it the yips, messing up a shot you know you’ve nailed before, many times.  Does one golf shot may mess up your enjoyment / performance of your whole game of golf?  And the most annoying thing is, that you know what you want to do!  Then there’s the added element called pressure, that effect that makes you seemingly fail or yip or flunk out.

Enjoy your golf

Being on the golf course could just be sheer enjoyment for yourself, enjoy being outside, with your friends, enjoy the solitude even, the nature around. You decide whether or not to be bothered what your golf scorecard says!

  • Golf Clubs – friends or foes?
  • Putting or off putting?
  • Driving rather than hooking?
  • Pitch perfect?
  • Golf scorecard or pressure cooker?
  • Golf competitions – calm & collected?
  • Slicing that shot?
  • Yipping?
  • Increased enjoyment of your game of golf?
  • Being in the golf zone as appropriate?
  • Leaving less than good golf shots behind you?
  • It’s just so damned frustrating!
  • Being aware of the positive parts of your game and developing them further ?
  • Putting any negatives in their place / in the past?
  • Better management of obstacles – physical and psychological?
  • Playing off realistic expectations?
  • Rough shots – sort out then walk on to next shot positively?
  • 1 to 18 holes – enjoy your game of golf or continue to be FRUSTRATED?
  • 19th hole – you’ve got there, so now do you want to review your golf game positively?
  • Golf scorecard – going from 9 to the dreaded 10?


Horse riding

Would you like to have more confidence riding your horse?

  • Have you lost some of your confidence riding?
  • Has your horse had a bit of a reaction and left you less confident?
  • Got a new horse and need to build up confidence with the new changes?

Horse riding is all about confidence, both for the rider and horse, one being able to communicate between each other so effortlessly.  When this partnership is positive, it’s very positive.  However, when it’s gone wrong or not quite as it needs to be, then you can have a nervous rider and horse.

I have worked with clients regarding horse riding confidence, training and learning with the right teacher, buying decisions and feeling more confident with horses in general,