Here are some client testamonials.  A wide variety of strategies and therapies were used by the clients, for the different areas covered.


  • Stressed about returning to school full time
  • Teenage client

“Louise was really calm with my daughter and even when my daughter was having a ‘bad’ day, she still felt comfortable seeing her.   Louise took time to listen to her worries and came up with completely tailor-made solutions to  support her.”



  • Coping strategies after the passing of a sibling

“Louise has a professional and calm approach to therapy and helped me enormously after just one session. I can highly recommend her .”



  • Boundaries and confidence

“Louise has helped me build strategies to manage life issues quickly and effectively. Whether it’s confidence building or facing a fear – and whether you are adult or child – you will find her easy to talk to.”



  • Fear of being sick in public
  • Stress management
  • School stress issues
  • Coping Strategies

“I approached Louise for help with my son’s anxiety issues following a recommendation from a close friend. My son’s anxiety stemmed from an incident that on the surface appeared small but seemed immense to him. The anxiety had a huge effect on his usually outgoing personality and meant that he was not living his life to the full; it had a huge effect on our family life as we tried to accommodate his anxiety as it snow-balled. Louise offered to visit us at home where my son is most relaxed and following an initial discussion returned the following week with a ‘tool kit’ for my son.

This tool kit was age appropriate and tailored to engage my son, he even had some fun homework to complete between sessions. The sessions were informal, fun and, most importantly, extremely effective. Louise managed not only to stop this snow-balling of anxieties but give my son the means to stop them should a challenging situation arise.

My son is now brimming with confidence, he uses Louise’s techniques to remain calm and confident. He has really been tested over the past few weeks with a school residential trip, end of term functions and a wedding to attend. We would have dreaded these events before Louise’s help but they have all been so enjoyable for my son and, therefore, the whole family.

As a family we cannot thank Louise enough for her help. I have already recommended Louise to a friend and would not hesitate to do so again.”



  • Stress and anxiety
  • Being sick phobia
  • Coping strategies

“Louise came to help my teenage daughter with a phobia/anxiety that she had that greatly affected her every day life.   Louise had a lovely approach to find the best way to personalise her therapy sessions to suit  and only ever went at a pace we were happy with.

I cannot thank Louise enough for the positive change it has made to my daughter after just a few sessions.”


  • Low confidence
  • Wavering self belief
  • Addressing unhelpful old habits
  • Challenging old beliefs
  • Relaxation and mindfulness
  • Increased self belief and confidence

“I went to see Louise to help me deal with confidence issues which have affected me for as long as I can remember.

My role at work has recently changed and my poor confidence would hold me back if I didn’t tackle it. We made an excellent start and there was an immediate sense of calm.  Louise explained what we would be doing and made it very clear that I was in charge of how we progressed; if I wasn’t happy or comfortable with anything it was entirely my call to change it. After an in-depth discussion about me and my feelings and what I wanted to work on Louise then proceeded to help me visualise situations and circumstances, she also gave me useful techniques to help me cope with what was becoming and embarrassing hindrance. Since receiving Louise’s help I have been able to face and deal with situations that previously filled me with terror. It has had such a positive impact my only regret is not doing something sooner, but when confidence is the issue the first step is enormous.   I have also worked with Louise on relaxation, the process sounds so simple but I assure you it is also very effective.”



  • Phobia of visiting the dentist, dental operations and treatments
  • Phobia held since childhood due to negative experiences

  “Louise helped me address my fear of dental treatment, the whine of the drill and descaling machines filled me with dread. So, imagine my surprise when on my last visit the ‘whine‘ sounded more like birdsong; the perception of pain became the tickling of hummingbird beaks – a more than acceptable experience. I felt like smiling. I was even able to close my eyes and relax, something I thought of previously as impossible.”



  • Confidence issues
  • Golfing yips (failure to putt the ball)
  • Competition nerves

“I worked with Louise of Vale Hypnotherapy to give my golf game more consistency and improve my putting, using mind coaching and clinical hypnotherapy techniques.  This was done over 2 sessions.  During the sessions I felt relaxed and in control at all times. I found Louise to be friendly, approachable and highly professional.  I am delighted with the results and my confidence in my game has been restored. A fellow golfer recommended Louise to me and I am happy to recommend Louise and mind coaching/clinical hypnotherapy.”



  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Positive changes

“I have worked with Louise to help me balance my life – demanding job, associated health issues and no time to live. Working with Louise I have found a true balance enabling me to enjoy life more. Louise works in a relaxed manner that enables you to find the way forward, and via coaching and other supporting skills enables you to face problems with confidence, find a way forward and enjoy the life you have earned. I would happily recommend Louise to anyone who is currently trying to balance a demanding and stressful life.”



  • Nervous physical (painful) habit
  • Stress management
  • Hair pulling and nail biting

“For 13 years I have had a habit of pulling my hair I desperately wanted to get rid of this habit.  I had one session with Louise at Vale Hypnotherapy.    Louise put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  During the session I felt calm and in control. Soon after the session my need to scratch and hair pull had gone.  Eight months later I am free from a habit that dogged my life for the best part of 13 years.  I also gave up nail biting as well after the session. Hypnotherapy really has helped me.  I am very pleased with how it helped me and wish I had done it years ago.”  CK, Cambridgeshire  



  • Panic attacks
  • Regaining confidence 


“I had been training hard for a triathlon and then  had a very traumatic panic attack during an open water  swim.   It came completely out of the blue as I am a really  confident swimmer and totally knocked my confidence to the  point where I decided that despite 4 months of training I  would not be able to take part in the event. I  didn’t understand why it had happened and just  couldn’t rid myself of the feeling that it would  happen again.
Louise was recommended personally and I phoned to  enquire if she would be able to help me. She took a lot of  time to ask me what had happened and how I was feeling.  It  was a huge relief to just talk it through.   Our conversation took place on the phone and I really felt that I could  trust Louise and that she would be able to support me.  I decided the sessions would be an investment in my mental health and therefore money well spent.
What followed was an hour’s phone discussion.  Louise talked me through my experience and although I am  still not sure how the process works it  helped  immensely. Not only did I end the hour with confidence that  I could go back to swimming, a sport that I love, but that I  would also complete the triathlon.
Louise introduced me to  ways to visualise and approach the swim. On the day of  my triathlon a friend offered to stay with me on the open water swim. With her beside me and the tips that Louise had  given me I never doubted that I would be able to complete
it. I can’t say it was totally fun but it wasn’t  awful and I felt strong and positive.
I have continued to compete in triathlons. I still don’t find the swim easy but use the techniques and confidence that Louise gave me to work through it.”




  • Childhood trauma and abuse
  • Subsequent issues into adulthood
  • Low self esteem and self belief

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the hypnotherapy you did with me, it was on healing an experience in the past that was still affecting me more than 50 years later. I can honestly say that the hypnotherapy has changed my life because I’ve gone from still thinking about the experience almost daily to struggling to remember why I had hypnotherapy in the first place!  If that’s not a sign it worked, I don’t know what is!  I certainly feel peace about it now and know that it’s not affecting any part of my life.”  MS, Nottinghamshire



  •  Work pressure and stress
  • Poor coping strategies
  • Better stress management
  • More appropriate reactions

“This is what happened and how I found  my first experience of hypnotherapy   and mind coaching with Louise.  I spoke to Lou with regards to feeling scared and nervous about returning to work and attending an important meeting the following day. The ongoing issues and stress had caused me to become more aggressive and fretful and huge extremes of lack of sleep. I was very anxious, feeling ill and overwrought with the whole situation. During the session I closed my eyes and Lou talked gently to me about where my “safe place” was, visualise it and how that safe place makes me feel. There was also a reminder mechanism used, of pinching your thumb and index finger together, so if at any stage during my meeting I couldn’t visualise my “safe place” I could pinch to have that physical reminder. Lou explained about management and defense mechanisms in how to deal with the forthcoming meeting in a non-threatening manor and by not attacking. I decided that to help me I wanted to imagine myself with various items so I felt protected and not as if I was in a vulnerable position. In the session I practiced seeing myself putting on my helmet, shield and attire to fully protect myself.

This was to help me not let the situation increase to a point where I lost control, which is normally my biggest issue as I get angrier and angrier, cry and then shout a lot. During the session, which was done over the ‘phone, I sat in my kitchen with my eyes closed. I felt peaceful, at ease, comfortable and like I could take on the world in a non-threatening manner and ready and relaxed for the meeting the following morning.

I also managed to have a good nights sleep and I didn’t feel physically sick like I had previously. Overall feeling during the session was comfort and relaxation.

At all times during the session I felt in control and at the meeting I managed the situation and my reactions positively, using all the elements from the session, remaining calm and collected.”         BN, Cheshire



  • Stress management
  • Operation preparation and nerves
  • Remaining calm during operation
  • Relaxation and mindfulness skills

“I first met Louise when I went to Dove Cottage Hospice, near Melton Mowbray.  She was starting some relaxation classes and there was a lot of interest in this.  So we started learning how to relax and practised this, and to my surprise it worked. I could not believe it as I had never been able to relax very well, I had tried relaxation tapes of various sorts and it had never worked for me.  Louise said if we tried to do it every day then soon we would be able to do it for ourselves, so I tried at home. It did not work to start with and then suddenly it began to work. I had told Louise I was worried about an operation I was to have on my eyes because I would be awake while they did the operation. I did not know what they were going to do but the thought of being awake while they worked on my eyes was daunting to say the least. We worked on the techniques further, enabling me become even more relaxed so that I might be able to use it while they operated and about 3 weeks later I went for the operation Louise suggested that I could say to myself that I give the surgeons permission to do the operation on me because it was to help me in the future and make me feel a lot better.  I also told the surgeon what I intended to do and he had no objection; he said he had seen it work before so try it. Then the anaesthetist had a word with me and told me the worst part would be the injections they would give me all around each eye He said it would be painful but if I could get through that then it would not be too bad.  Well he was right it was very painful! Once that was over I tried to relax and let them get on with it well I managed to relax and started to relax even more, using the techniques I had learnt and practised. I know that what I learnt about relaxation and using it regularly helped me get through the operation.  I don’t think I would have got through it otherwise.  It worked for me and I hope it will work for other people Louise shared and taught me a skill I can use for the rest of my life and there was nobody more sceptical than me.”



  • Bereavement and stress
  • Moving from initial shock and trauma of loss
  • Stress management

“I just want to say a big thank you for the help you have given me in dealing with stress especially after the loss of my father-in-law. I definitely feel more in control when it comes to stressful situations and as each day passes its gets better.    I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy.”



  • Lost confidence
  • Stress management
  • Durability and wellbeing

“Last Summer I was under extreme pressure  in a very demanding profession and in my personal life. Working with Louise I was able to rebuild my confidence and I am now constantly remarking upon my improved durability and well-being. I found Louise friendly, approachable and effective.“