Habit changing (inc phobias)

Phobias and habit changing


We all have and need habits and routines – most are useful; some are not.

Habits happen over time, some are learnt from others (adults when we’re little) or just come along and we collect them up. Nearly everything we do is a habit or routine. Sometimes these habits, which were once useful (or actually never were useful)become less so as we develop as people. As the subconscious mind keeps all of these habits/routines they will be kept until they are altered/stopped. Habits can also be useful and need further work to increase them to their maximum is also another part which can be worked on via clinical hypnotherapy and mind coaching.   Habits also show themselves as phobias/fears.

Do any of these connect with you?

  • I want to get rid of a phobia?
  • I want more control over what I eat and when
  • I want to change my habit of emotional eating
  • I want to have more management over chocolate/crisps (etc).
  • I want to stop reacting too much.
  • I want to stop being self conscious.
  • I want to do really good presentations.
  • I want to stop being a couch potato.
  • I want to do more exercise
  • I want to enjoy some exercise.
  • I want to get out more.
  • I want to be more confident.
  • I want to have more confidence in my own abilities.
  • I want to believe in myself.
  • I want to stop picking my hair.
  • I want to stop picking and biting my nails.
  • I want a different way of thinking – more positive.
  • I want to have more belief in myself.
  • … the list is as long as there are people on this planet!

Whatever you’d like to change/alter/reduce/increase with your habits, you could me for more information.

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There are thousands of different phobias, as many as there are events, objects within our human experience.  No phobia is .  Phobias are simply reactions that are no longer appropriate or may be too strong. They are learnt behaviours and because phobias are generally learnt behaviours they can be regauged, the therapies on offer could well help you do regauge your unwanted/inappropriately strong reactions.

Phobia Example – button fear/phobia

This is a real life case regarding how a small child who grew in to an adult with a fear of buttons and how therapy was used to disconnect the believed connections. The client had a phobia of buttons.  She’d always had this fear/phobia as long as she could remember (not so different to many people who have long held phobias). She didn’t remember what had started this phobia – the memory of this was being held safe by the subconscious mind, the reactions were evident and strong.  To work on this issue, she went to see a hypnotherapist. Using the relaxation techniques she was in a very relaxed state and the therapist asked her subconscious mind to go back to the original event with regards to this phobia.  This is completely necessary in order to access the true beginnings of the phobia, as the conscious mind can’t do this.  (The subconscious mind remembers everything, and operates a very clever filing system). And this is what she found from her childhood memories: She became aware of a situation where her mother stressing about getting her cardigan off.  As a child, she registered the buttons as being a negative because she saw her mother being stressed because she couldn’t take off her cardigan.  Therefore buttons are bad/negative by her mother’s example. On a second review, what she became aware of as an adult was the following – her mother stressing about a wasp or bee on her, she was trying to get the cardigan off and in her stress about the wasp/bee couldn’t undo the buttons and take the cardigan off in order to get away from the bee/wasp.  It was in fact the bee/wasp that was the issue, not the buttons at all. Seeing the whole picture, making sense of the of it all, as the adult she was, she then understood everything. The phobia was dissolved through this review and therapy. Her belief was changed to the fact that buttons are not dangerous/bad/negative.